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Our understanding of the social enterprise insurance market is second to none.

We focus our entire business on both individuals struggling to obtain insurance cover (such as ex-offenders) and the social enterprises and community interest companies (CIC’s) helping them.

We already have a good understanding of the needs of the many diverse communities in the UK and are considered expert in this area of insurance. 

SIS also offer Trustee Indemnity Insurance covering employees and voluntary workers against administration or management errors.  Insurance cover for trustees typically ranges from £250,000 to £2,000,000. Please contact SIS today for more information.

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Social Enterprise Insurance Experts

We see many social entrepreneurs in both profit and non-profit enterprises structured to help improve the welfare of individuals and communities alike. SIS has synergies with these groups and has a very good understanding of their business needs and all aspects of social enterprise insurance (also known as charity insurance). We provide practical advice on legal issues and regulatory requirements.

Social Enterprise Insurance We would like to offer our fellow members of SEUK, and any other community insurance company or social enterprise, free advice and information on any insurance aspect and will be happy to assess the needs of any organisation/company/individual and provide social enterprise insurance cover where required.

Please note that if you are taking a commission or charge for advice you will probably need Professional Indemnity Insurance  cover. This is in addition to Public & Employers Liability Insurance.  For more information on public and employers liability insurance, please visit our Liability Insurance FAQ Section. If you are unsure about the different types of sub contractors and how they are categorised by insurance companies, please read our Definition of Sub Contractors.

What is Social Enterprise Insurance?

A Social Enterprise is a business whose primary objective is to solve social or environmental problems rather than make money for shareholders. Social enterprises are not just charities, they can be either non-profit, or for-profit companies and operate in a variety of industries such as retail, recycling, education, health and social care.

Social enterprise insurance cover includes professional indemnity and trustees indemnity insurance, public (£5m) & employers (£10m) liability insurance, property & contents insurance and business interruption insurance.

More About Social Enterprise Insurance and Community Interest Company Insurance

Initially, social enterprises were thought of as non-profit organisations created to generate employment opportunities for disadvantaged individuals. However, the term “social enterprise” can now also be used to describe for-profit organisations which are motivated not by financial gain, but by social and environmental goals. 

You could call them businesses with a conscience!

Social enterprise companies include charities, co-operatives and community interest companies such as the Big Issue, The Eden Project and Jamie Oliver’s restaurant Fifteen There are currently approximately 70,000 social enterprises in Britain. It’s not just about giving money to a charitable cause, it’s about creating a company which continues to give to society. In a recent survey carried out by Social Enterprise UK, almost half of the respondents claimed that their reason for setting up a social enterprise was to give back to the community.

No matter what the primary objective, social enterprises are businesses and businesses need insurance. There are many types of insurance which social enterprises or CICs may need such as liability insurance, indemnity insurance, or buildings and contents insurance. Here at SIS we specialise in social enterprise insurance and have an excellent understanding of what a social enterprise would need. 

For members of SEUK, community insurance companies or social enterprises, we offer free advice on regulatory requirements and legal issues.  

If you are interested in social enterprise insurance, or just need some expert guidance, contact SIS today using our online form, or call 0161 969 6040. We can help.

Insurance for Ex-Offenders & EFFRR

EFFRRSIS are members of the EFFRR (The Employers' Forum for Reducing Re-offending). The EFFRR is a group of employers, both local and national, who provide job opportunities for ex-offenders.

SIS are experts in providing insurance for ex-offenders and ex-bankrupts. We believe your past should not necessarily be a guide to your future. If you have been refused insurance due to a criminal record or previous bankruptcy, then call SIS today on 0161 969 6040.