Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance is a must-have business insurance policy for the many companies and individuals (including the not-for-profit and public sector organisations) who provide advice, services or designs which, if inadequate, could cause clients to lose money.

Most people would think that the majority of PI policyholders are solicitors, accountants and insurance companies as it is a necessity for many of these professions to have PI insurance as part of their industry regulations. However, ANY profession which involves the provision of advice, services or designs (e.g. web designers, personal trainers, dance teachers, academic tutors) are taking a big risk if they do not hold PI insurance. 

Professional indemnity insurance will cover any legal costs and expenses incurred as a result of claims that you or your company have provided inadquate advice or service.

At SIS we have specialised for many years in helping people with criminal convictions or people with a previous bankruptcy or IVA gain access to essential cover.

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