Flood Insurance

Is your home a flood risk and in need of insurance? SIS can help...

Flooding and flash flooding has become widespread throughout the United Kingdom and has affected over 8,000 properties, causing £400 million worth of damage. This now means that if you live in an area which is liable to flood, insurance for your home and contents may be difficult to obtain.

At SIS we can assess your flood risk with Desktop Surveys which cost £35 + VAT. Very occasionally a site survey costing around £495 may be required. As long as the individual implements all recommendations within the reports (proof will be required), we will guarantee to give flood insurance cover with a maximum excess of £2,500.



Flood Risk & Home Insurance

Surface water flooding occurs when drains overflow, or when soil becomes saturated and can no longer absorb any more water. This usually follows heavy rainfall. Surface water flooding causes particular problems in urban areas where the excess water flows onto roads and pavements, and into buildings.

If your property is a flood risk, home insurance can prove tricky to find. Many people find that they get turned down for home insurance simply because of their postcode. Recently, however, insurers have become better at drilling down on a street-by-street basis, while the industry trade body has managed to commit its members to renewing home insurance cover (even if they'd rather not) in places where new flood defences are planned within the next five years or so.

If you have been flooded recently or are in a flood risk area and need home insurance, all is not necessarily lost. Contact SIS today. We can help.