Courier Insurance For Convicted Drivers & Ex-Bankrupts

More often than not, ex-offenders and people with previous bankruptcy/IVAs find it difficult to obtain employment, financial backing and even the most basic insurance cover. It is a similar situation for the many people in the UK today who have bankruptcy or IVAs to their name.

As finding employment is a daunting task, many individuals with convictions become self-employed, and often enter into the courier or delivery driver industry. However, even courier insurance can be difficult to come by once past convictions have been disclosed.

SIS are different. We are specialist insurance brokers dedicated to finding competitive and affordable courier insurance, regardless of whether you are an ex-offender or ex-bankrupt.

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We recognise that the courier industry is a way for many individuals to start again and get back into the world of employment. Our solution is the same for couriers as it is for home owners, motorists and business owners - to offer affordable cover with comprehensive policies and a first class claims service.

If you have spent/unspent convictions or have previously been made bankrupt and are struggling to get courier insurance, contact SIS today on 0161 969 6040. We can help.